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Imagine the Lost Boys doing some “fall cleaning” aka getting rid of decade upon decade of junk…only to find that one of them is stock piling it deeper in the cave because he can’t bare to see it thrown out.

Headcanon time!

Okay so, David doesn’t care - he doesn’t keep…

TLB fandom logic on Tumblr


Rare promo images of the Lost Boys hardly ever seen before and/or most fanarts and fan comics  = a handful of notes

Standard Lost Boys images we’ve already seen a gazillion times on Google over the years and/or reposts of images from other Tumblr users without giving proper credit to the original poster = 2983732947382343243 notes and growing


I have to agree with this one.


DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars, Bottles and Free Labels by Linda Facci at Brooklyn Limestone. These labels are so much better than what I’m seeing on other sites right now. There is also a tutorial on how to make this Halloween tablescape including bleeding candles. I would strongly suggest downloading PDFs and printables you like when you see them to avoid what happened when Seeing Things Blog abruptly shut down (I luckily have links to some of their PDF tutorials and printables). 

For more printables from toe tags to labels to a ouija board. go here.



Horror/Halloween food

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That is awesome and yummy looking.

Paul, The Lost Boy

Paul, The Lost Boy